Our first community workshop has begun with women from the SIN e.V. shelter getting to know each other through a story sharing session. It was an encouraging start, with everybody engaged and ready to share. In this first session Intercultural Mediator Helen Winter and Doctor Sebastian Winter explained the purpose of the workshops to the participants and also facilitated an open environment for participants to share with one another. The participants were refugee women from a variety of backgrounds, speaking German, French, Arabic and English. They spoke about their experiences living in the shelter and some of the struggles and challenges that they are facing and what they were hoping to learn. We are really looking forward to working with and learning from these women over the next few weeks.


To learn more about our programmes, click the link to read more about the content of our workshops: Link to R3SOLUTE Programmes. Follow our social media and visit out website to stay updated on the latest developments of R3solute’s work.


We are very excited to share the news about our workshops returning at the end of June! Seeing as we find the inclusion and support of women of high importance, the first community we are resuming our work with is a women’s refugee shelter operated by SIN e.V. It will be a full set of workshops starting with a day of Story-Sharing, then further proceeding with Conflict Competency workshops and ending with Peer-Mediation training. To learn more about what each set of programmes entails, click this link to read more about the contents of our classes: Link to R3SOLUTE Programmes. Follow our social media and visit our website to stay updated on the latest developments of R3SOLUTE’s work.

Schedule for the Workshops: 

FRI 26.6. 17:00 – 18:00, Story Sharing and Info-Session with registrations

THUR 2.7. 17:00 – 19:00/20:00, Conflict competency I

FRI 3.7. 17:00 – 19:00/20:00, Conflict competency II

SAT 4.7. 10:00 – 17:00, Peer-Mediation I

TUE 7.7. 17:00 – 19:00/20:00 Peer-Mediation II


A great online dialogue workshop with R3SOLUTE’s team and former participants happened this month.

The workshop was facilitated by R3SOLUTE’s team. We were exchanging our experiences and discussing how the current Corona Virus situation has affected our lives. Felix Klapprott who is a psychologist addressed points surrounding mental health and anxiety. Sebastian Winter, who is a doctor and who recently came back from his training in Cape Town shared some of his expertise. Intercultural Mediator Helen Winter and Strategic Consultant Martin Müller and the participants discussed their strategies on how to manage one’s every day and approaching conflicts with others while in isolation.

We learned that maintaining a positive mindset is most important during a time of social distancing. We also leavened that it is more difficult to practice social distancing in a refugee shelter. Furthermore, most refugees are not only following the recent developments in Germany but also in their home country and other countries where affected family members and friends reside. Those countries are not only affected by the virus but also by war and violence. That causes additional stress to former participants. We thought about ways to manage that stress.

Additionally, we brainstormed ideas on how to help one another during this crisis. For example, some planed on sewing masks for other refugees living in shelters. R3SOLUTE is thinking of planing a second online Workshop soon! Stay tuned and stay healthy!


  • How can we prevent conflicts in isolation?
  • What can you do for your mental health?
  • Is your work at risk?

These questions and many more will be discussed during our Livestream on Facebook this Thursday, April 2nd, 18:00-19:00 CET. Founder of R3SOLUTE Helen Winter, Business Development Officer Martin Müller and Psychologist and M3NTAWARE officer Felix Klapprott from our team will be tuning in to answer your questions, give practical advice, and hear your thoughts on the current situation!

Click the link to sign up, there are only a limited amount of spots left available: https://www.facebook.com/events/2588812631436426/


Due to the recent developments of the spread of coronavirus in Germany, our team at R3SOLUTE is sadly no longer conducting any workshops in refugee shelters and other communities at the moment until further notice. During this time our team finds it important to keep the precautions for the benefit of everyone and finds social distancing an important measure to practice.

Our NGO sustains itself by receiving funds from the state for completing workshops, which means that our organization, as well as many others, is going to be affected economically. The current travel bans- and restrictions also create many challenges for migrants.  In Germany, refugee communities reside in centers, apartment complexes, and the so-called tempohomes, that are highly overcrowded. That means distancing yourself from others is harder to achieve, if at all possible. We are spending this time to find further solutions for our project, develop our cause, and to raise awareness around this issue.

We stand in solitude with aid workers and medical staff who are contributing to curing infected individuals to the best of their abilities. We would like to encourage our readers to keep themselves informed and be mindful of other people’s living conditions that could have a severe impact on the health of more vulnerable communities.

If you would like to support our initiative during this difficult time, we would highly appreciate it: https://r3solute.com/donate/


Stay healthy and flatten the curve!

refugee center




We are very happy to be able to present our latest video that the members from R3SOLUTE got to collaborate on. The participants of former conflict competency and peer-mediation workshops address their experiences with peer mediation. With this video, we would like to give you an insight into our work and the impact it has had so far. The film content was produced and shot with the help of Filmbit.de

Click here to watch the video.

If you would like to support our work, you can donate under the following account:

R3 Resolute gUG

IBAN: DE 23 1001 0010 0926 6941 00

Thank you.



Together with our team member Felix Klapprott a Psychologist and a trained Mediator, we have created a short, educational three-part series on mental health awareness! The videos where produced and shot with the help of Film Bit Filmproduktion GmbH & co. They are an exciting and innovative organization that provides film equipment and support to social start-ups -and causes to create professional film content.


1. Manage fear for speaking about mental health

2. Relaxation Exercise

3. What our “gut-feeling” can tell us?


We wish you a Happy New year from our team here at R3SOLUTE!
Last year’s highlights included many incredible achievements for our NGO. Besides the many workshops we have conducted, two refugee communities in Marienfelde and in Wittenau established their own Peer-Mediation clinics.

There the Peer-Mediators are able to regularly solve disputes in their communities, and are helping the residents and neighbors to transform conflicts and promote peace building.

Another highlight included being ranked as top 50 out of the 672 German Start-Ups across all industries that have received a price in 2018 by Für Gründer. And of course receiving the Start Social stipend, which is assisting us to bring a whole new approach of fostering diversity to our organization this year!

We are very excited to contribute with more workshops and ideas to this upcoming year, so stay tuned and share our page for more details coming up soon.