A great online dialogue workshop with R3SOLUTE’s team and former participants happened this month.

The workshop was facilitated by R3SOLUTE’s team. We were exchanging our experiences and discussing how the current Corona Virus situation has affected our lives. Felix Klapprott who is a psychologist addressed points surrounding mental health and anxiety. Sebastian Winter, who is a doctor and who recently came back from his training in Cape Town shared some of his expertise. Intercultural Mediator Helen Winter and Strategic Consultant Martin Müller and the participants discussed their strategies on how to manage one’s every day and approaching conflicts with others while in isolation.

We learned that maintaining a positive mindset is most important during a time of social distancing. We also leavened that it is more difficult to practice social distancing in a refugee shelter. Furthermore, most refugees are not only following the recent developments in Germany but also in their home country and other countries where affected family members and friends reside. Those countries are not only affected by the virus but also by war and violence. That causes additional stress to former participants. We thought about ways to manage that stress.

Additionally, we brainstormed ideas on how to help one another during this crisis. For example, some planed on sewing masks for other refugees living in shelters. R3SOLUTE is thinking of planing a second online Workshop soon! Stay tuned and stay healthy!