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Conflict escalation is costly
According to a study by KPMG, conflicts lead to high costs. This is due to reduced performance of the conflict parties, the involvement of third party’s or increased illness rates. To find one’s way in the new country, to fulfill the manifold legal requirements and to learn the language “on the side” are big challenges which can be made harder by interpersonal conflicts. For social institutions frequent conflicts mean additional costs: For example, when social workers and managers have to deal with conflicts more intensively and thus either have to neglect other tasks or need additional personnel.
Conflict-related health losses lead to high economic costs. Especially in combination with experienced trauma, frequent conflicts can cause psychological harm.

escalationFigure 1 Impact of conflict escalation

Mediation is effective
Mediation has been proven to be effective against conflict escalation and is therefore suitable for reducing conflict costs at all levels. For example: In the context of labor law, researchers speak of an average of 50- 65 hours of consultation time that is saved. Mediation is also proven to be sustainable: Studies show, for example, that mediation causes parents to feel less conflict during a divorce and that even 12 years after the divorce, parents who participated in mediation were more likely to be jointly involved in the life of the child.


Figure 2 How peer-mediation impacts conflict dynamics

Our peer-mediation program is well received
Our approach is to educate so-called peer mediators who help to manage conflicts before they escalate. The feedback for our training courses was extraordinarily positive. 45% of the feedback on our workshops was perfect (5/5 points) and 47% of the feedback highlighted that the workshop was seen as helpful (4/5 points). In total 92% of the feedback was very good or good. Participants additionally highlighted the very good group atmosphere. The practicality and the choice of topics were equally rated positively by our participants.

helpful bar

Figure 3 Feedback on the question “Overall I felt the workshop was…”

R3SOLUTE advises establishing structures that facilitate the establishment of peer mediation and thus create a new offer for conflict resolution in the accommodation. We offer to participate in summer fests or organize information evenings, to push forward the topic of peer mediation among employees and residents alike. The feedback we have received from accommodation, residents and staff shows that this extensive support is worthwhile in the first steps of establishing peer mediation in accommodation.


Written by: Felix Klapprott