Across 2015 and 2016, over one million asylum seekers, from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and Albania, arrived in Germany, making it ninth in countries hosting the most refugees. This surge has resulted in increasing conflicts within the country as refugees and locals grapple with how to accept and work with one another.

The increasing disputes combined with a lack of effective conflict management skills training and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Germany have resulted in skyrocketing social, economic, and political costs for refugee and local communities.

How the country and its communities manage this integration will not only matter to Germany, but also serve as an example for other host nations and become a roadmap for managing similar crises in the future.

R3SOLUTE’s role:

We are working to strengthen conflict management competencies of communities across Germany. The team is currently focused on the country’s capital, Berlin, where 78.660 refugees have started a new life since 2015.

We are working with local partners to help expand alternative dispute resolution processes and reduce conflicts in refugee communities in Berlin by implementing a peer mediation program along with a support structure connected to the global network of professionals.

Through cultivating conflict management skills and stronger community relations, peer mediation would not only provide a way for deescalating existing disputes before they become harmful, but also prevent future conflicts and facilitate refugee integration.

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