We strive to accelerate mutual integration of refugee and local communities and the rebuilding of refugee lives. We aim to foster sustainable peace by reducing the social and economic costs of conflicts and maximizing the value of constructive debate for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Our approach centers around understanding your needs and perspectives and working closely with you to craft creative solutions to resolve your most pressing concerns.

We believe that…

Conflicts are unavoidable, but we can make an impact on whether they will be destructive or constructive.

  • Demoting the destructive: From family to friends to neighbors to coworkers to strangers to communities to nations, conflicts are everywhere. They can churn our stomachs, spike our stress levels, and too often escalate to violence, causing both physical and psychological damages. Interrupting the systems that cause such behaviors and minimizing harm is our first priority.
  • Promoting the constructive: At the same time, conflicts can reveal a great deal about what is important to those involved. Managing these discoveries skillfully can result in creative ideas and stronger relationships between parties. We aim to work with individuals, organizations, and communities to enhance their capabilities to harness this positive side of conflicts and help people be more productive, more adaptive, and ultimately happier in their personal and professional lives.


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