Due to the recent developments of the spread of coronavirus in Germany, our team at R3SOLUTE is sadly no longer conducting any workshops in refugee shelters and other communities at the moment until further notice. During this time our team finds it important to keep the precautions for the benefit of everyone and finds social distancing an important measure to practice.

Our NGO sustains itself by receiving funds from the state for completing workshops, which means that our organization, as well as many others, is going to be affected economically. The current travel bans- and restrictions also create many challenges for migrants.  In Germany, refugee communities reside in centers, apartment complexes, and the so-called tempohomes, that are highly overcrowded. That means distancing yourself from others is harder to achieve, if at all possible. We are spending this time to find further solutions for our project, develop our cause, and to raise awareness around this issue.

We stand in solitude with aid workers and medical staff who are contributing to curing infected individuals to the best of their abilities. We would like to encourage our readers to keep themselves informed and be mindful of other people’s living conditions that could have a severe impact on the health of more vulnerable communities.

If you would like to support our initiative during this difficult time, we would highly appreciate it: https://r3solute.com/donate/


Stay healthy and flatten the curve!

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