Conflicts are diverse; hence, so is our team. With experiences including mediation, negotiation, legal, medical, and management experiences in the public and private sectors, we are a unique blend of professionals united by a common cause.

We believe in what we do, and we do what we believe in. This passion and commitment flow through all of our work.

Executive Committee


Helen is an avid certified mediator and lawyer. She previously worked as a mediator with L. A. Superior Court and consultant with OnDeckMediation where her expertise included anti-discrimination law. In addition, her experience includes working with the United Nations Office of the Ombudsman and Mediation Services where she analyzed and addressed systemic issues within the organization. She is also an ambassador with International Justice Mission in Germany. Helen holds a law degree with a focus on International Public Law and Human Rights Law from Heidelberg University, and LL.M. with a specialization in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine’s famous Straus Institute. In her mediation practice, Helen Winter mostly deals with intercultural disputes. She is also pursuing a Ph.D. program in Alternative Dispute Resolution at European University.


Sebastian is a globally educated medical doctor, clinical researcher, social entrepreneur, and health policy analyst. Before co-founding R3SOLUTE and launching the M3NTAWARE Program in 2017, he worked in the Division of Health Systems & Public Health at WHO Europe and, later, the Division of Science Policy & Capacity Building at UNESCO Headquarters. Beyond the clinical domain, his work includes academic research, policy design, mental health literacy training, public speaking, and the publishing of numerous articles in the field. Sebastian completed a B.Sc. (1st Hons) in Neuroscience from King’s College London (’13) and went on to earn his M.D. (with distinction) from Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (’20). A current Ph.D. candidate, Sebastian is pursuing joint doctoral research at both Charité Berlin and the Mass General Hospital Cancer Center at Harvard Medical School.


Muhamad comes from Syria and is currently obtaining a degree in the fields of law and politics in Berlin. In addition, to his contributions as a journalist, he has been to Greece several times, being involved with work in a refugee camp. He has extensively advocated for the topic of refugee rights and is actively promoting a peaceful togetherness between different cultures.


Khuloud received her bachelor’s degree in humanities with a specialization in English Literature in Jordan and completed a commercial education and further qualifications as an integration coach and trainer in Germany, where she found a second home since 2002. She has several years of professional experience in various international organisations and institutions, and has also worked on a voluntary basis in different social organisations for 15 years. Most recently, she has worked as a coordinator for two projects in the field of migration and women empowerment as well as freelance trainer /lecturer for political and adult education. Khuloud is mother to three children and speaks Arabic, German and English. She is excited to join the team of R3SOLUTE to support the organization in developing plans for new social projects, implementing these and expanding its network.

Team Members


Felix is a Psychologist (M.Sc.)and certified mediator, who focuses on the public understanding of psychological dynamics and the psychology of interpersonal relationships in -and between groups. During his studies at Freie Universität he did research on the assessment of revenge fantasies and dealt with both successful and problematic group processes, such as teamwork and mobbing. He utilizes applied social psychology in various stations, where he developed and implemented workshops on topics such as mobbing prevention or dealing with acute stress. Besides his engagement for R3SOLUTE he works for a Berlin-based organization consultancy with a focus on occupational and health psychology.


Julie Gabrielsen has a B.Sc. in social work from Oslo Metropolitan University, with specialization in child welfare in a minority perspective. During her studies, she was an intern in the largest Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration office, working with issues surrounding unemployment and administering social and economic benefits. She is currently obtaining her M.A. in Intercultural Conflict Management at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences. During her time in Germany, Julie has worked in an NGO in Berlin and Potsdam, that reinforces social-, political-, and empowerment work in Refugee shelters. Moreover, she has worked as a coordinator for a Red Cross women’s language center in Norway, where she was responsible for project planning, volunteer management, social environmental work, and communications.


Chung has a master´s degree in business administration, specialized in marketing and public and nonprofit management. She has been part of the finance team of Amnesty International and worked with the donor management team of médecins sans frontières. While completing her undergraduate studies in Business and Italian Philology in Berlin, she studied abroad for a year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fascinated by the people and culture she decided to join an internship program in the favelas of São Paulo, where she gave intercultural education workshops. Additionally she is a certified yoga instructor, who is passionate about leading a conscious life. As the social media marketing lead Chung is excited to share meaningful content and to foster the community around R3SOLUTE. With her work she wants to transcend boundaries, connect and inspire.


Cassandra has a Bachelor in Political, Economic, and Social Science from Sydney University and is currently completing her Masters in Intercultural Conflict Management at Alice Salomon Hochschule University in Berlin. Cassandra previously worked as a program assistant for the World Bank Group in Australia and has also volunteered with various social justice NGOs including Amnesty International NSW, Australia; Yellow House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia providing assistance to the Afghan refugee community center and teaching English to Rohingya refugee children; as well as Parliament on King, a café in Australia that trains refugees and asylum seekers in hospitality and social skills.


Judith is currently enrolled in a Masters in Intercultural Conflict Management at Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. In addition, she is about to complete a one-year long training to become an Intercultural Mediator and has worked in various refugee shelters in Berlin for almost two years. On top of that Judith is actively learning Arabic and Turkish languages. In the past she has lived in Istanbul where she was enrolled in different projects, mainly working with refugee communities. Judith completed her undergraduate studies in Politics and International Relations in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Johannes is a high-school teacher in Berlin, Neukölln. During his master’s studies at Humboldt-University he focused on educational theories about Multicultural Education and processes of othering in social contexts. In the past years he has been involved in multiple charity projects for refugees in Berlin. Johannes has previously worked in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, speaks fluent Levantine dialect (شامي) and has a good command of Modern Standard Arabic. Johannes is excited to work together with the fundraising team and help with didactic concepts and language support.


Milena, also called Mila, is currently obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Law and Politics in Berlin. Her special fields of interests are International Law and Human Rights as well as Peace and Conflict Studies. She speaks fluent English, German and Spanish and is learning Arabic. She previously volunteered at Emergency Shelters for Refugees and at the Childcare at the Education Center JACK for particularly vulnerable women. Mila is very excited to work for R3SOLUTE and integrate the project within the political sphere. She is especially interested in working with traumatized individuals.


Brigitte is currently studying to become a Non-Medical Practitioner (Mental Health). She supports R3SOLUTE administratively. This includes helping with the day to day business and to sit in on R3SOLUTE`s Peer Mediation and M3NTAWARE Workshops. This can creatively contribute to the writing of her final paper.


Marja is an engaged senior chair and process expert on Connective Negotiation based in the Netherlands, joining the theory and practice of the Mutual Gains Approach and process management. She works as an independent process guide, facilitator and trainer and supports parties in reaching viable agreements with sustained collaborative execution. From her education in Consensus Building on the Harvard Program on Negotiation, she initiated and joined several networks for peer reflection, including her own organization Inclusief and close collaborations with consulting companies P2 and WesselinkVanZijst and the University of Amsterdam. Marja joins as Director of R3SOLUTE Netherlands to manage our partnerships, build a network and oversee the program in the Netherlands. Being based in the Netherlands, she is able to create a pathway to cooperation with new partners while staying in close contact with the core team in the Berlin Headquarters.


Martin is a physician with a passion for business and economics. While completing his medical degree at Leipzig University, he gained initial business experience as a member and later chairman of Campus Inform e.V., a student-run management consultancy, which also allowed him to work with non-profit organizations and understand their specific needs. His time at A.T. Kearney and Bayer Vital later enabled him to expand his experience on a professional level. Furthermore, Martin has a background in medical research, having been a co-author of multiple publications and presenter at various conferences, having spent time doing research at Harvard Medical School and currently conducting research in radiology at Leipzig Heart Center to obtain his doctoral degree.

Advisory Board

PROFESSOR ERIC MARTIN, Management & Organizations, Bucknell University

DR. CHRISTINE KURMEYER, Charité Women’s and Equal Opportunity Commissioner & Project Lead Women for women: health care for female refugees

JACK GAO, Co-Founder



Rashin is an avid certified mediator and works in MediationsZentrum e.V. Berlin as a mediator on a
voluntary basis. In addition to that Rashin works as a German/Farsi translator with refugees in
different social projects on a voluntary basis since 2016. Her experience in HeldenAkademie project
to train teenagers & refugees as arbitrator makes her especial for us in R3solute. Rashin received her
bachelor’s degree in English/Farsi Translation in Iran. Before Rashin moved to Germany in 2005, she
used to cooperate with different Newspapers in Iran as a translator. She also worked at the
DeutscheWelle in Bonn as a Journalist & translator in her first years in Germany. She works now in a
big international company, where she also trains refugee trainees & is a volunteer social worker &
mediator. As a person of color Rashin focuses on intercultural conflicts, but she is also active in family

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