Conflicts are diverse; hence, so is our team. With experiences including mediation, negotiation, legal, medical, and management experiences in the public and private sectors, we are a unique blend of professionals united by a common cause.

We believe in what we do, and we do what we believe in. This passion and commitment flows through all of our work.


Helen Winter, Co-Founder & CEO

IMG_3951Helen is an avid mediator and lawyer. She previously worked as a mediator with L. A. Superior Court and consultant with OnDeckMediation where her expertise included anti-discrimination law. In addition, her experience includes working with the United Nations Office of the Ombudsman and Mediation Services where she analyzed and addressed systemic issues within the organization. She is also an ambassador with International Justice Mission in Germany. Helen holds a law degree with a focus on International Public Law and Human Rights Law from Heidelberg University, and LL.M. with a specialization in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine’s famous Straus Institute. In her mediation practice, Helen Winter mostly deals with intercultural disputes. She is also working academically with the Mediation and Conflict Management program at European University Viadrina.

Kyle Shrivastava, Co-Founder, Chief Program Officer


Kyle is a dedicated international development and conflict resolution professional. He previously worked with the United Nations Office of the Ombudsman and Mediation Services where he analyzed systemic organizational conflict for Assistant Secretary General Johnston Barkat. In addition, his experience includes three years of women’s empowerment and business development work in West Africa. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Bucknell University and an M.S. in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from Columbia University. Kyle is currently a Business Development Specialist with Bosh Bosh Inc, a Liberian NGO focused on girls education and empowerment.

Jack Gao, Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

IMG_2795Jack is a dynamic strategy and management specialist. He previously worked at Vantage Partners, a global consultancy founded from the Harvard Negotiation Project, where he specialized in strategy, negotiation, and partnership management for over seven years. His experience includes leading enterprise change initiatives, conflict interventions, and executive training programs with Fortune 1000 firms and public agencies. He holds a B.S. in Systems Science from the University of Pennsylvania and is completing his final year of M.S. in Conflict Management at Columbia University.

Sebastian F. Winter, Co-Founder, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer


Sebastian is a senior medical student, passionate clinical neuroscientist and health policy analyst. He previously worked in the Division of Health Systems & Public Health at WHO Europe and, later, the Division of Science Policy & Capacity Building at UNESCO Headquarters. His work includes academic research, policy design, youth education, and the publishing of numerous articles in the field. Sebastian holds a B.Sc. in Neuroscience from King’s College London and is completing his M.D./Ph.D training at Charité Medical University Berlin and doctoral research at Harvard Medical School.

Jawid Hakimi, Outreach Ambassador


Jawid is a trained police officer from Afghanistan who had to flee to Germany in 2015. He is now looking forward to starting his training as a nurse in Germany as soon as he completes his B2 language course. In his free time, he enjoys analyzing conflicts, meeting new people in language cafés to exchange experiences and together improve their communication skills.

Saeed Zarghan, Outreach Ambassador

SaeedSaeed was born in Iran and worked there as a businessman for several years. In 2013, he had to flee to Germany and live at a refugee community for more than two years. Currently, he is learning German (B2) and wants to start his apprenticeship in Germany. He loves to engage in projects bringing forward mutual integration and supports R3SOLUTE as a cultural ambassador and facilitator.


Professor Eric Martin, External Board-member and Advisor 

Bild1Eric Martin is an Associate Professor of Management in the Managing for Sustainability Program at Bucknell University. Martin’s research focuses on inter-organizational partnering across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and Fulbright Scholar, much of his work is focused on efforts to improve the delivery of international development and humanitarian assistance. He has spent a great deal of time in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe studying the change in many different venues. His work has appeared in a variety of journals that span the public, private and nonprofit divide including Disasters, Journal of Management Inquiry, Nonprofit and Voluntary Quarterly, Public Management Review, International Public Management Journal, Organization Studies and Voluntas.


Julie Gabrielsen, Communications officer

pic for r3Julie Gabrielsen has a B.Sc. in social work from Oslo Metropolitan University, with specialization in child welfare in a minority perspective. During her studies, she was an intern in the largest Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration office, working with issues surrounding unemployment and administering social and economic benefits. She is currently obtaining her M.A. in Intercultural Conflict Management at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences. During her time in Germany, Julie has worked in an NGO in Berlin and Potsdam that reinforce social-, political-, and empowerment work in Refugee centers. Moreover, she has worked as a coordinator for a Red Cross women’s language center in Norway, where she was responsible for project planning, volunteer management, social environmental work, and communications.


Martin Müller, Business Development Specialist

38712107_443221702829429_1770351812507860992_nMartin is a physician with a passion for business and economics. While completing his medical degree at Leipzig University, he gained initial business experience as a member and later chairman of Campus Inform e.V., a student-run management consultancy, which also allowed him to work with non-profit organizations and understand their specific needs. His time at A.T. Kearney and Bayer Vital later enabled him to expand his experience on a professional level. Furthermore, Martin has a background in medical research, having been a co-author of multiple publications and presenter at various conferences, having spent time doing research at Harvard Medical School and currently conducting research in radiology at Leipzig Heart Center to obtain his doctoral degree.


Sophie Jungbauer, Business Development/ Partnerships Manager

Yannic PöpperlingSophie is an eager challenge-taker and has a sharp eye for troubleshooting issues in the long run. After receiving her B.A. in Tourism and Leisure Management, Sophie started working for an event tech start-up and followed her strong passion for business and creating connections with people. In order to feed her curiosity and explore different ways of living, Sophie worked in Spain as well as Indonesia and studied at the Universidad Viña Del Mar in Chile. To expand upon that, she has also received professional training n conflict management which enabled her to be an active peer mediator in a school in Austria. Sophie is an open-minded person who believes in everyone’s capability to change the world for the better, with a passion for fortifying constant learning and change.

Judith Huber, Customer Relationship Manager 
wider judith2

Judith is currently enrolled in a Masters in Intercultural Conflict Management at Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. In addition, she is about to complete a one-year long training to become an Intercultural Mediator and has worked in various refugee shelters in Berlin for almost two years. On top of that Judith is actively learning Arabic and Turkish languages. In the past she has lived in Istanbul where she was enrolled in different projects, mainly working with refugee communities. Judith completed her undergraduate studies in Politics and International Relations in Aberdeen, Scotland. 


Felix Klapprott, Program Officer M3NTAWARE  

photomania-8db8037c5b76b941184f48063cb72917Felix is a Psychologist (M.Sc.) who focusses on the public understanding of psychological dynamics and the psychology of interpersonal relationships in -and between groups.
During his studies at Freie Universität he did research on the assessment of revenge fantasies and dealt with both successful and problematic group processes, such as teamwork and mobbing. In 2018, he completed the training course to become a mediator, in accordance with the requirements of the Mediation Act. His knowledge in the field of applied social psychology has already been put to work in various stations, where he developed and implemented workshops for different age groups on topics such as mobbing prevention, criminal and civil law education or dealing with acute stress. Besides his engagement for R3SOLUTE he works for a Berlin-based
organisation consultancy with a focus on occupational and health
psychology. His main expertise there lies in the areas of psychosocial risk
assessment, resilience, stress reduction, seminar conception, and data

Muhamad Naanaa, Outreach Ambassador

muhamad.jpgMuhamad comes from Syria and is currently obtaining a degree in the fields of law and politics in Berlin. In addition, to his contributions as a journalist, he has been to Greece several times, being involved with work in a refugee camp. He has extensively advocated for the topic of refugee rights and is actively promoting a peaceful togetherness between different cultures.