As a consequence of warfare and/or prosecution in their home countries, a highly challenging escape to Europe, as well as separation from their families along with a language-barrier and feelings of culture-shock upon arrival in Europe, the majority of refugees entering Germany has been exposed to numerous traumatic, sometimes existential and life-threatening situations of extreme stress for a continual period of time.

As the daily socio-economic struggle for integration in the host country continues, the mental well-being of affected individuals is often neglected. Consequently, psychological trauma – including conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression – remains mostly unrecognized, unaddressed, and may worsen over time.

Moreover, a lack of public understanding along with considerable societal stigma and many false beliefs still attached to the subject of mental health provoke a culture of repression, making it difficult for affected individuals to seek out for help.


What is M3NTAWARE…


A major part of refugees in Germany are affected by some form of psychological trauma that often goes unrecognized and untreated. A key driver of conflict in refugee communities, trauma can be a recurrent debilitating factor in daily life and a permanent barrier to successful integration.

Our mental health awareness program, M3NTAWARE, features comprehensive mental health education and trauma awareness sessions that are interwoven into all of R3SOLUTE’s workshops.

The primary goal is to introduce and sensitize refugees to the bio-psycho-social antecedents of psychological trauma as well as its clinical manifestation and (inter)personal consequences, focusing on the role of trauma in conflict prevention and –management.

Moreover, M3NTAWARE trains interested participants to recognize the “red flags” of trauma, equipping them with tools to enter a constructive dialogue with affected individuals, create awareness of available support structures, and help guide individuals towards professional third party medical resources.