R3SOLUTE currently offers three trainings that cumulatively sensitize participants to trauma-related issues, build competencies in conflict management, and train peer mediators to engage with conflict as third party neutrals. These trainings are designed to culminate in the establishment of a permanent peer mediation clinic able to address community conflict as it arises.

R3SOLUTE’s approach allows sessions to build upon one another facilitating a holistic approach to community conflict management. By building conflict capacity from within, R3SOLUTE stresses the importance of cultural and situational factors that are often best addressed by community members themselves.

Storytelling Workshop

The first of our trainings is meant to open a dialogue centered on sharing the stories of community members. This sets the stage for subsequent trainings by building the necessary mutual trust amongst community members needed to approach sensitive issues related to conflict.

Through this storytelling, R3SOLUTE…

  • encourages the community to engage with one another in meaningful dialogue
  • sets the stage for future discussion related to understanding and addressing trauma,
  • informally communicates R3SOLUTE’s mission and services,
  • and identifies recurrent mental health and trauma related issues relevant to integration.

Conflict Competency and Peer Mediation Training

Following our initial Storytelling Workshop, R3SOLUTE offers two trainings in conflict competency and peer mediation, which combine into a cumulative 40-hours (the industry standard for those wishing to consider themselves trained mediators).

Within the conflict competency training, participants will explore…

  • concepts relevant to managing conflict within their own lives,
  • new approaches to understanding conflict in the community around them,
  • as well as skills to facilitate more effective communication and meaningful interaction.

This will include theoretical discussions central to the study of conflict such as…

  • emotion,
  • power,
  • perception,
  • and self-reflection,

in addition to skill-based topics including…

  • active listening,
  • paraphrasing,
  • reframing,
  • differentiating positions from interests,
  • and probing.

Participants will experience lectures, discussions, exercises, self-evaluations, and role-play scenarios throughout the course of this weekend long (16 hour) event.

Following the conflict competency training, the portion of participants interested in practicing peer mediation will continue for an additional 24 hours of evening and weekend coursework over the following seven days. This will consist of theoretical information on mediation as a practice, a deeper dive into relevant skills, and most importantly lots of PRACTICE!

Information on addressing trauma will be dispersed throughout both the Peer Mediation and Conflict Competency training in recognition of the central albeit often-unseen role trauma can play in communication.

Peer Mediation Clinic

Those completing 21 hours of peer mediation training will then have the opportunity to partner with R3SOLUTE in the establishment of a permanent peer mediation clinic within their community. This clinic will host mediators available to address interpersonal conflict as it arises between community members, and will include a repository of training materials, tools, templates, and other mediation resources. R3SOLUTE will help in areas such as …

  • procuring space,
  • communication strategies,
  • programmatic sustainability,
  • additional funding applications (when necessary)
  • and professional networking with local and global universities and organizations to connect our graduates with a diverse group of relevant professionals.







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