Where have we been?

R3SOLUTE is proud to say that we have not been bored these past few months! In fact, we have been busier than ever giving trainings both online and offline as well as catching up on everything we have been missing out on this past year. Our plate was so full we forgot to give updates on all the wonderful things that have been happening.
A quick recap is well overdue.

To start with, we had quite a success with our second Peer Mediation Workshop in Marienfelde where 15 new peer mediators from Syria and Afghanistan were trained. We are proud to say that they have successfully started engaging in their peer mediation clinic of the shelter. Of course this would not have been possible without cooperating with the Internationaler Bund and BENN, so a huge thank you is well deserved.

We also started a 3-part online workshop series sponsored by the Foundation of the Berliner Sparkasse. Trying to include as many people as possible in the training, we had three different groups, an Arabic speaking one, a Farsi speaking one and an English speaking one. The training discussed conflict culture, conflict types, and the methods of dispute resolution and techniques, which were heavily role-play based and interactive. We are happy to kick off the mentoring in September.

Another project we worked on was a two day M3NTAWARE training in Marienfelde on mental health related topics and substance abuse. In this training, mental health ambassadors were successfully trained to benefit their communities.

We are also beyond excited about our ongoing weekly workshops (August-December) in conflict resolution and photography for unaccompanied male refugees. The aim of these workshops is to give the refugees a tool to communicate their stories of leaving their home countries and arriving in Germany. Their photos are to be displayed in a Vernissage portraying their struggles. These workshops are sponsored by the LAF (Landesamt für Flüchtlingsangelegenheiten).

This is not all, we still have some projects we are working on that we are excited to share with you in upcoming updates. There is still so much we can do to help, and we are thrilled with the prospects of providing a better future for those who thought a dark and gloomy future was inescapable.