Online Conflict Competency Training Series to Begin with First Workshop in May

R3SOLUTE is pleased and excited to announce an upcoming Conflict Competency workshop that will be held online on 17.05.2021 and 19.05.202. The goal of the workshops is for newcomers and refugees to learn how to manage conflicts effectively and independently, which is especially important during these difficult times of Corona. The workshops aims to enhance understanding of conflict, and to expand the competencies of participants in navigating conflicts that arise in areas related to difficult living conditions, lack of cultural familiarity, different expectations, and diverse communication habits or behavior patterns. We will be holding three Trainings for three different groups of participants, with each group taking part in two workshops that run for three hours. This is the very first workshop which will take place online and will also be interactive with questionnaires and practical exercises, with a follow up meeting to take place in September for participants to share how they have implemented their learnings. This workshop is held with thanks to Berliner Sparkasse Foundation who are funding the project and workshops series, with the net proceeds of the “PS-Sparen und Gewinnen” lottery.