We are preparing to go into the New Year with a set of peer-mediation workshops in the refugee shelter located in Marienfeld. Additionally, an exclusive mental health training session will take place as part of our M3NTAWARE initiative to integrate mental health awareness and support, as a big effort and part of our peace building in refugee shelters.

This will be our second time conducting the workshops in Marienfelde refugee shelter, since the summer of 2019, where 15 newly trained peer-mediators had established themselves in its mediation clinic (read more about our previous work here).

Many thanks for the cooperation with International Federation Berlin-Brandenburg gGmbH. More updates will follow on our website and social media.

Wir freuen uns über eine neue Reihe von Peer-Mediations-Workshops in der Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Marienfeld auf das neue Jahr.
Darüber hinaus wird im Rahmen unserer M3NTAWARE-Initiative eine exklusive Schulung zum Bewusstsein über die psychische Gesundheit stattfinden.

Es ist bereits das zweite Mal, dass wir die Workshops in Marienfelde durchführen können, seit im Sommer 2019 15 neu ausgebildete Peer-Mediatorinnen und Peer-Mediatoren ausgebildet wurden und erfolgreich praktiziert haben (mehr über unsere bisherige Arbeit erfahren Sie hier).
Vielen Dank für die Zusammenarbeit mit der IB Berlin-Brandenburg gGmbH. Weitere Updates folgen auf unserer Website und auf Social Media!


For the first time as R3SOLUTE we are expanding our workshops to Lower Saxony, Hannover! In cooperation with UFU (Unterstützerkreis Flüchtlingsunterkünfte Hannover e.V.) and the Johanniter Hannover Leine, we will be inviting people to join our complete set of conflict competency and peer-mediation workshops for the shelters operated by the Johanniter. We find that this is a special opportunity to have our methods and values for sustainable and empowerment-based peacebuilding being continued together with the new peer-mediators that will come out of our training. Together with UFU we have identified a site-specific network of mental health professionals called NTFN e.V., whom we will provide further information about to participants who are interested in learning more about their work. In addition to providing advice and referrals, the NTFN e.V. also offer therapeutic -individual and group sessions to help affected people in crisis situations. 


We had the opportunity to visit the women of the SIN e.V shelter who had completed their conflict competency and peer-mediation workshops earlier this summer. Our team was able to catch-up with the past participants and hear their experiences with using the new techniques in their everyday lives, that they were introduced to during our workshops. 

The women introduced themselves as peer mediators to the inhabitants of the shelters and told them about their roles moving forward! People were very welcoming of the new peer mediators.

Photographs were taken in order to create the official list of peer-mediators, who the residents can seek out in case they are experiencing disputes or who have questions surrounding conflict competency. The shelter’s management together with R3SOLUTE is in the process of establishing an office within the shelter that will function as a neutral space for disputes to be mediated. Aditionally, together with the first peer-mediators of SIN e.V women’s shelter we provided information about our workshops to other residents to see if they would be interested in attending further workshops in the nearest future.

We are really excited for the third official peer-mediation clinic in Berlin to start running its course and our team is looking forward to further maintaining the exchange together with the peer-mediators and provide them with further mentorship and support ahead.


The workshops are completed and today it was time to start mentoring the women in the SIN e.V. shelter to support them in the next steps. Together with administration and management, some of the new peer mediators discussed the best ways to offer their help to the other residents. The peer mediators suggested getting an office room and a badge to raise awareness in the community that they are there for them in case of conflicts. In addition, they are planning an info-meeting for the residents, where the peer mediators introduce themselves and their tasks. The women were all very committed and are looking forward to the work. 

Die Workshops sind geschafft und heute war es an der Zeit die Frauen in der SIN e.V Gesamtunterkunft zu besuchen, um das Mentoring zu beginnen und sie in ihren nächsten Schritten als Peer Mediatorinnen in der Unterkunft zu unterstützen. Gemeinsam mit der Heimleitung saßen die neuen Peer Mediatorinnen an einem Tisch und diskutierten über die besten Möglichkeiten ihrer Arbeit und wie sie die anderen Bewohnerinnen darauf aufmerksam machen können. Die Peer Mediatorinnen wünschten sich ein Büro sowie einen Ausweis, welcher den anderen zeigen soll, dass sie bei Konflikten für sie da sind. Die Heimleitung wird die Mediatorinnen bei Bedarf auch telefonisch kontaktieren. Außerdem soll es schon bald eine Infoveranstaltung für die Bewohnerinnen geben, wo sich die Peer Mediatorinnen samt ihrer Aufgaben vorstellen wollen. Die Frauen waren alle sehr engagiert und freuen sich auf die anstehende Arbeit.


On our last day of workshops, the group came together to reflect on the mediation exercises of the previous meetings. The women shared what they had learned and what they struggled with. Then, the five steps of a mediation were quickly revised and used for one last mediation role play. 

Lastly, the participants received their certificates and flyers with useful numbers and information in case they needed help with their mental well-being. 

This concludes an incredibly insightful workshop with the lovely group of women of the SIN e.V shelter.

To learn more about our programs, click the link to read more about the content of our workshops: Link to R3SOLUTE Programmes. Follow our social media and visit our website to stay updated on the latest developments of R3solute’s work.


The women of the SIN e.V shelter have completed part 3 of the Peer-Mediation workshop. The session was facilitated by Helen Winter, Muhamad Naanaa, Judith Huber, Felix Klapprott, and Julie Gabrielsen. As a warm-up for the day, the participants engaged in a Power-Posing exercise, in order to reflect on what kind of effects our postures can do with our emotional state of being. The warm-up was followed by a thorough walkthrough of the 5 stages of mediation. Participants go to share their associations and past experiences surrounding the topics. The 5 stages of mediation sealed down numerous topics that have been brought up in past Conflict Competency workshops; such as culture, prejudice, paraphrasing, asking open-ended questions, power structures, and others. The women had the opportunity to practice each stage of mediation by role-playing a fictional conflict situation provided to them. Many fruitful and critical points were brought up and the session was rounded up with a group debrief.

The second part of the day focused around mental health awareness, Psychologist Felix Klapprott addressed the steps one can take to help another person receive mental health support. Felix explained the process of how a therapy session would look like and explored a case-study together with the participants. The session was finished off by providing the participants with contact details and information on mental health resources available to them in Berlin.

To learn more about our programs, click the link to read more about the content of our workshops: Link to R3SOLUTE Programmes. Follow our social media and visit our website to stay updated on the latest developments of R3SOLUTE’s work.