We had the opportunity to visit the women of the SIN e.V shelter who had completed their conflict competency and peer-mediation workshops earlier this summer. Our team was able to catch-up with the past participants and hear their experiences with using the new techniques in their everyday lives, that they were introduced to during our workshops. 

The women introduced themselves as peer mediators to the inhabitants of the shelters and told them about their roles moving forward! People were very welcoming of the new peer mediators.

Photographs were taken in order to create the official list of peer-mediators, who the residents can seek out in case they are experiencing disputes or who have questions surrounding conflict competency. The shelter’s management together with R3SOLUTE is in the process of establishing an office within the shelter that will function as a neutral space for disputes to be mediated. Aditionally, together with the first peer-mediators of SIN e.V women’s shelter we provided information about our workshops to other residents to see if they would be interested in attending further workshops in the nearest future.

We are really excited for the third official peer-mediation clinic in Berlin to start running its course and our team is looking forward to further maintaining the exchange together with the peer-mediators and provide them with further mentorship and support ahead.