In this session, the women of the SIN e.V shelter came together once again to first start off discussion on the topics of conflict and culture. 

The women shared their experiences around this with their group members.

This topic was complemented by a small role play case in which Julie Gabrielsen performed ways of introductions in different cultures to the women in one group and mediator Helen Winter and Muhamad Naanaa in the other. The participants then analyzed what they saw. Interestingly again, the differences in culture led to various interpretations of their introductions which resulted in positive lively debates within the participants. 

Based off of this exercise the women discussed what is custom within their own cultures. This as many of the other exercises of the day led them to discussions around their experiences with German culture but also the culture of others they live with, as well as prejudices. 

Lastly the workshop ended with a small introduction into M3NTAWARE by M.D. Sebastian Winter. The topics around stress and the flight or fight response were introduced and supplemented by a role play by the women.

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