What we do

At R3SOLUTE, we believe that effective conflict management is essential to fostering happy and productive communities. We also understand that within refugee communities, environmental difficulties and cultural unfamiliarity can make conflict particularly difficult to manage. With this in mind, we aim to build the capacity of refugees to manage their interpersonal conflicts through a three-fold approach:

Building Conflict Competency

Many believe that one’s ability for dealing with conflict is innate. The reality is that conflict management is a skill, and like any skill, it can and needs to be developed and practiced. With this in mind, we provide training and coaching, develop materials and tools, and create safe practice environments to better prepare those we work with to engage constructively in their own conflicts.

Establishing Peer Mediators

Sometimes a conflict can be too much for the disputing persons to deal with on their own. In these instances, it helps to have a neutral third party mediating a discussion. We train community members in mediation so that they can serve in this capacity. We then continue to provide them with support in the form of academic resources and access to mediator networks.

Sensitizing Communities to Trauma

We recognize that while psychological trauma can play a large role in interpersonal interaction, it often remains unrecognized and unaddressed. In this state, it can fuel interpersonal conflict and prevent constructive dialogue. We help refugee communities build the capacity to be aware of and recognize individuals experiencing trauma related issues and guide them to the appropriate medical resources.

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