We believe that conflicts are unavoidable but we can make an impact on whether they will be destructive or constructive.


R3SOLUTE is a non-profit organization specialized in conflict management with a focus on empowering refugees to manage conflicts in their communities through peer mediation and mental health awareness.

What we do

We strive to accelerate mutual integration of refugee and local communities and the rebuilding of refugee lives. We aim to foster sustainable peace by reducing the social and economic costs of conflicts and maximizing the value of constructive debate for individuals, organizations, and communities.
Our approach centers around understanding your needs and perspectives and working closely with you to craft creative solutions to resolve your most pressing concerns.


Why we do it

Across 2015 and 2016, over one million asylum seekers arrived in Germany, making it ninth in countries hosting the most refugees. This surge has resulted in increasing conflicts within the country as refugees and locals grapple with how to accept and work with one another.
The increasing disputes combined with a lack of effective conflict management skills training and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Germany have resulted in skyrocketing social, economic, and political costs for refugee and local communities.

How we do it

We currently offers three trainings that cumulatively sensitize participants to trauma-related issues, build competencies in conflict management, and train peer mediators to engage with conflict as third party neutrals. These trainings are designed to culminate in the establishment of a permanent peer mediation clinic able to address community conflict as it arises. 
By building conflict capacity from within, R3SOLUTE stresses the importance of cultural and situational factors that are often best addressed by community members themselves.


R3SOLUTE’s approach allows sessions to build upon one another facilitating a holistic approach to community conflict management. By building conflict capacity from within, R3SOLUTE stresses the importance of cultural and situational factors that are often best addressed by community members themselves.

Storytelling Workshop

The first of our trainings is meant to open a dialogue centered on sharing the stories of community members. This sets the stage for subsequent trainings by building the necessary mutual trust amongst community members needed to approach sensitive issues related to conflict.

Conflict Competency and Peer Mediation Training

Following our initial Storytelling Workshop, R3SOLUTE offers two trainings in conflict competency and peer mediation, which combine into a cumulative 21-hours


Our mental health awareness program features comprehensive mental health education and trauma awareness sessions that are interwoven into all of R3SOLUTE’s workshops. The primary goal is to introduce and sensitize refugees to the bio-psycho-social antecedents of psychological trauma as well as its clinical manifestation and (inter)personal consequences, focusing on the role of trauma in conflict prevention and –management.



Conflicts are diverse; hence, so is our team. With experiences including mediation, negotiation, legal, medical, and management experiences in the public and private sectors, we are a unique blend of professionals united by a common cause. We believe in what we do, and we do what we believe in. This passion and commitment flow through all of our work.


“I learned patience and also the process of mediation and how mediation
works and especially in the beginning having trouble settling into
Germany, and arriving, it really helped to learn something new. I’m always excited and interested in trying something new and also in applying some
of the methods that I have learned and also learning from others and
growing in this personal experience.”

― Participant of Marienfelde

“I can deal with and negotiate different difficult situations, how I can solve
the conflicts peacefully with various peaceful methods, such as asking open

― Participant of Marienfelde

“To be honest, I learned a lot from the discussions and there were many
different views, different cultures, thank you very much for that. I thank
everyone. There was always a smile, so I’m really happy”

― Participant of Marienfelde