The last of our workshop series and second part of our Peer-Mediation training has been successfully completed in Wittenau! Thanks to the wonderful co-operation with BENN Wittenau and Albatros GmbH. We will now focus on establishing a peer mediation clinic here in Wittenau. 8 of the 20 participants will be officially functioning as a peer mediator in their community! Congratulations!

The day started off with an interactive fishbowl role-play, where participants got an insight on managing disputants that might be difficult to come to an agreement with during a peer-mediation session.

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It is very important for us that the curriculum is accustomed to the community’s needs. That is why we conduct a round-table discussion about different contextual and logistical factors concerning how Peer-Mediation would look like in the shelter in Wittenau. What cases might work for mediation? Where would the mediation be conducted? Further questions that were significant to address were regarding what contexts the mediation would be suitable for. Participants’ past experiences that might have been relevant to transforming future conflicts, were highly elevated in our discussion.IMG_4897 (2)

We proceeded further with two mediation role-plays in which everyone got to practice what it is like to be a mediator.

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We are truly excited to see yet another fully completed series on Conflict Competency and Peer-Mediation workshops. Our team is looking forward to seeing updates from the community and how the newly learned techniques will be applied in potential future conflicts.