The women of the SIN e.V shelter have completed part 3 of the Peer-Mediation workshop. The session was facilitated by Helen Winter, Muhamad Naanaa, Judith Huber, Felix Klapprott, and Julie Gabrielsen. As a warm-up for the day, the participants engaged in a Power-Posing exercise, in order to reflect on what kind of effects our postures can do with our emotional state of being. The warm-up was followed by a thorough walkthrough of the 5 stages of mediation. Participants go to share their associations and past experiences surrounding the topics. The 5 stages of mediation sealed down numerous topics that have been brought up in past Conflict Competency workshops; such as culture, prejudice, paraphrasing, asking open-ended questions, power structures, and others. The women had the opportunity to practice each stage of mediation by role-playing a fictional conflict situation provided to them. Many fruitful and critical points were brought up and the session was rounded up with a group debrief.

The second part of the day focused around mental health awareness, Psychologist Felix Klapprott addressed the steps one can take to help another person receive mental health support. Felix explained the process of how a therapy session would look like and explored a case-study together with the participants. The session was finished off by providing the participants with contact details and information on mental health resources available to them in Berlin.

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