For the first time as R3SOLUTE we are expanding our workshops to Lower Saxony, Hannover! In cooperation with UFU (Unterstützerkreis Flüchtlingsunterkünfte Hannover e.V.) and the Johanniter Hannover Leine, we will be inviting people to join our complete set of conflict competency and peer-mediation workshops for the shelters operated by the Johanniter. We find that this is a special opportunity to have our methods and values for sustainable and empowerment-based peacebuilding being continued together with the new peer-mediators that will come out of our training. Together with UFU we have identified a site-specific network of mental health professionals called NTFN e.V., whom we will provide further information about to participants who are interested in learning more about their work. In addition to providing advice and referrals, the NTFN e.V. also offer therapeutic -individual and group sessions to help affected people in crisis situations. 

Stay updated on our website and social media for further posts about the upcoming workshops.