R3SOLUTE spent this Friday in a refugee center in Neukölln Berlin, holding an info session at the local men’s cafe. Those are the first steps to implement a mediation clinic within a refugee community in co-operation with Red Cross. This project will consist of 6 workshops, throughout the months of September and October; starting with a storytelling workshop, then 5 consecutive mediation classes and conflict competence training, as well as mental health awareness training.
The info session consisted of us giving a brief introduction of our organization and what to expect from our workshops. The session was carefully translated in both German, English and Farsi. The dialogue was meant to create mutual trust between our trainers and workshop attendees and to carefully adapted the program according to the participants’ needs. Additionally, we facilitated several dialogues about personal conflicts and discussed topics around conflict competences and resolution. We are very excited for this project and would like to thank everyone for participating!


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