This week has been particularly exciting for R3SOLUTE. We conducted three sets of workshops for a refugee community in Marienfelde in cooperation with International Federation Berlin-Brandenburg gGmbH. Starting with two days of Conflict Competency and the topic “How to deal with difficult situations.” Followed by a full day of Peer-Mediation training for our participants, with a particular focus on integrating topics surrounding mental health and trauma awareness.


In the picture below you can see the participants doing an exercise, for the purpose of exploring what is the most efficient way to get the other person to come over to your side. Followed by a discussion on how this is related to constructive negotiation and open communication.


15 new attendees have now received certificates for completing training on Conflict Competency and Peer-Mediation! We hope that this will continue providing a self-sustaining model for conflict resolution at the shelter and within the neighborhood, and strengthen their positions for work employment purposes.




Picture above: Our participants discussing their associations with mental health and conflict.



Picture above: Participants are doing a mediation role-play.



Picture above: “Power posing” is a technique first introduced by Dana R. Carney, Amy Cuddy, and Andy Yap. Standing in a “power pose” for two minutes has been shown to decrease stress and increase confidence in people. We started one of our workshops with this exercise and emphasized its benefits for many different situations, such as job interviews, important meetings and other situations that might cause distress.


We want to thank all the participants and the shelter for providing us the space to  learn from each other and improve our work!ri002531.jpg