For the past 4 months, R3SOLUTE worked together with a team of consultants from 180 Degrees Consulting Berlin. Seen below are the team members Meury, Seul Ki, Olivia, Lucas, and Abdel, together with Hans from Boston Consulting, the team’s adviser, and Lena Füting with R3SOLUTE’s founder Helen Winter (Foto Credit: 180 Degrees Consultancy)


This Friday at the Summer 2019 Closing Party, each team showed their final presentations. The event was hosted in the offices of ProVeg Incubator (an initiative that supports vegan-based, and environmentally sustainable social start-ups).


Other partnering organizations participating in this project wereInteract English, International Organization for Migration, Share and Silbernetz.


We would like to thank 180 Degrees Consultancy Berlin for this wonderful partnership!